Structural analyses and other technical documents consist of a wide range of components. These include, but are not limited to:

Common text processing and spreadsheet programs can only fulfill these tasks to a limited extent. In contrast, VCmaster has been specially developed to compile consistent computer-aided structural analyses and other technical documentation. VCmaster has adopted a cross-product approach, meaning that all required external software applications can be seamlessly integrated into VCmaster. A specific feature is the fact that calculations can be performed directly in the word processing part. VCmaster offers a solutions for three tasks: Calculating, writing and compiling. This is unique and distinguishes VCmaster considerably from other software applications currently available.

Various interfaces such as t2W and OLE allow data transfer from other programs. The outputs of structural analyses and CAD programs, technical information, standards and manufacturer specifications can be seamlessly transferred and processed. 

Text modules and variant calculations are stored as templates. Using templates automates and accelerates recurring calculations, analyses and comments. A click on a specification commands VCmaster to recalculate all dependent values. In addition to being time-saving, this process noticeably helps reduce errors. Standard tasks are automated allowing the engineer to focus on the essentials.

The software significantly supports reusing calculations and documents. VCmaster simplifies modifications and adjustments and automates standard tasks. Collaboration with work-groups or with other offices and clients is simplified as well. Exporting the document in PDF-format supports the filing process within the engineering office. Processing time, thus costs for compiling structural analyses are reduced considerably.

All documents and calculations created with VCmaster can prospectively be searched for, called up and reused. The software actively supports compiling and managing individual libraries of calculation templates. These libraries store text modules and calculations already performed as templates. Intelligent search functions for recurring calculations, structural analyses and comments ensure that solutions developed for tasks carried out previously can quickly be located. 

Thus assuring the continuous transfer and multiple use of important know-how. New documents are compiled according to the modular principle based on templates, resulting in a significant amount of time saved.

VCmaster contains hundreds of ready-made macros. The calculation templates provide solutions for structural analyses and details in the fields of steel, wood, solid, composite and masonry construction, as well as mechanical engineering and plant construction. All templates can be extended, combined and adapted to individual requirements. Stored databases contain thousands of parameters for components, profiles, coefficients and materials. The determination of these calculation parameters is fully automated. 

In Chapter 3 we further explain tools allowing the user to:

All text processing functions correspond to the Windows standard. For instructions on document design, please refer to Chapter 4.