2.10.1 Checking Structural Analyses

With their numerous changes and additions innate to complex documentations, errors easily sneak in. Therefore the document undergoes extensive and vigorous tests in order to detect errors overlooked.

The test checks the following:
The dialogue box indicates which test is currently running. If an error is found the box Error message shows more information regarding the detected error.

The test is performed interactively. It stops at faulty spots and highlights the corresponding line. The error can be patched without having to close the dialogue box. Messages can be ignored by clicking on the button next position. A green checkmark is shown, when the test has been completed successfully.

Note:  The wizard does not start automatically for various reasons: Permanently checking structural analyses is time-consuming and disrupts the work flow. After several dependent values have been modified it is possible that the structural analysis is only temporarily unfulfilled. VCmaster can't assess this situation properly, because it cannot foresee the users next steps.




Extras-Check document

2.10.2 Editing Units of Measurements

In order to edit units of measurement simply click on it and the dialog will appear, displaying a list of units.
See Chapter 2.4. This list containing preallocated units of measurement can be extended or edited. 

In addition, VCmaster facilitates switching between different lists. This is a good idea if calculations are compiled for countries whose common units of measurement deviate from one another (e.g. inch and cm). Switching between common units of measurement can also be useful for engineers working in different fields (e.g. building and construction industry and machine and plant construction). 

Editing is done using the WindowsTM Editor. The program interprets each ASCII text file in the VCmaster directory with the extension "*.btm" as a list with units of measurement, in which the displayed groups can be extended as required.


Calculate-Calculation line format- Edit units list

2.10.3 Calculation Line Formats

The standard calculation line formats are entered in the dialog shown on the left.

These presettings are used for the formatting and alignment of calculation lines.


Calculate-Calculation line format- Calculation line format settings

In many cases displaying the syntax of the TAB() and SEL() function or the IF() function on the final printout is not necessary (see also Chapter 2.3 or Chapter 2.7). For this reason VCmaster offers a hiding feature. 

The same circumstances apply to specifications of calculation tables (for more details, see Chapter 2.6). In this case, the line and the column in which the mark for the calculation table is located is hidden.

The option Use space on cover sheets optimally allows a different format for selected pages. Using the area usually occupied by headers and footers. This is helpful, for example when inserting project information on cover sheets.

The print option Print in black is required in order to obtain a black printout from color printers or from printers with an output in greyscales.

Note: In many devices this option can be activated in the printer driver. 


File-Settings-Print options / Hiding