2.9.1 Place Result in a Text Field

Results, such as selected materials, cross-sections or information on implementation, can be linked intelligently with the calculation and are therefore presented in the document automatically.

The following features are available:
The result can then be complemented and highlighted by a frame. Line thickness, color or background are fully customizable.


Calculate-Results-Output-Result in Text field


Function and Entry mask  Presentation in VCmaster
Output in body text


Database query  

Modify a Results Output: Double-click on the field

2.9.2 Place Variable Value in Text

Variable values can be placed freely within the body text with our without units of measurement. This is done by references to variables which are displayed in green (see image). When printing or using page preview, the variable values are displayed at the location of the references. Note:
Input Print / Page View

Modify a results output: Double-click on the green field (see image)


Calculate-Results-Output-Variable value in body text