3.8.1 Knowledge Database

Valuable know-how is collected in all phases of planning, design and development. These important resources are wasted if they are not made generally and permanently available. When necessary, all relevant information must be made available quickly for all team members needing instant access to it.
The complex software solutions available in the field of knowledge management correspond little to the practical requirements of the engineer in terms of efficiency and handling.
Our goal was to create a simple and easy-to-understand way of compiling and describing digital documents and templates by topic. 

The solution is VCmaster Wikis. The user can create VCmaster Wikis which are linked to any number and type of other documents. The Wikis generally contain explanatory texts and comments. Any document format and storage location can be used. The only requirement is that the PC is able to open a document of the specified type. Files are categorized by file extension.

What is a Wiki?

: A Wiki (Hawaiian for “quick“) is a hypertext system for web sites whose contents are not only read by users but can also be modified online directly in the browser. The best-known application is the Wikipedia online encyclopedia (Source: Wikipedia).
We have adopted the idea of cooperative working and compilation of information. We therefore use the term Wiki, although we have adapted the procedure to the practical needs of the engineer.

Fundamental properties of a VCmaster Wiki
A VCmaster Wiki can be described as follows:

Application examples

Wikis can be used in lots of different ways. The fields of application are e.g.:  


File-Knowledge database

3.8.2 Notes and Comments

Notes, supplementary information and explanations make it easier to use the templates.
The VCmaster document can save this information. The entries are displayed on the screen, but not printed. VCmaster allows for the output with the PDF-export, when the respective option is selected in the entry mask.   Comments can be included in the PDF-export when the respective option is selected in the entry mask.
The context menu can be used for editing. 



3.8.3 Hiding Areas

Areas of a document can be hidden when printing. This function is primarily used to conceal auxiliary calculations, comments or internal text information which are not relevant for transfer. In the Edit view, these lines have a grey background.

Note: The same option displays the area again. Hidden areas are taken into account in the page formatting.


Format-Hide marked areas on/off

3.8.4 Linking Data

Designation in Wiki: Text to be displayed
Linked file: File to be opened when clicking on the designation
Read link on the cursor: Reading of the data at the cursor position in order to edit the link
Save link: Saves entry
Testing the link: Function test of an entered link

Special features
It is irrelevant whether the files are VCmaster files or not. VCmaster files are opened in the Template Explorer. For all other files, the Template Explorer opens the application assigned to the file extension. 

Link to a template
When compiling template libraries, it can be useful to have references available to different points. To simplify managing the template, it is sensible to only generate one reference (similar to linking in the Windows operating system). An empty file is created for this which contains solely a link to this template in the first line. The Template Explorer recognizes this and automatically opens the linked file. 


File-Knowledge database-Edit links