2.5.1 Changing Calculated Lines

Calculation lines are blocked

There are several modifying options:






Calculate-Calculate/modify line

2.5.2 Changing Graphic Formulae

Recommended process for modifying graphic formulae:

Double-click on the formula (see figure on the right) opens the Graphic Formula Editor.

Single terms can be copied or moved using the clipboard (CTRL + C or CTRL + V).




Calculate-Graphic formula

2.5.3 Data Entry Wizard for changing Input Values

To simultaneously modify several entries the data entry wizard can be used. It automatically identifies the variables in a selected area. Additionally the first graphic in the selected area is shown. 

The Data Entry Wizard offers the user various benefits:

Query of input values

All values which are clearly recognized as being default values are displayed. These are entries with direct value assignments and the results of the Select functions (SEL).

Note: Select functions are only included in the dialogue if they depend on entries within the selected area. Otherwise there is no point in selecting various parameters, such as components, materials, etc., in the data entry wizard.

Call up:
The Automatic call up
The data entry wizard can be called up automatically during various actions: The automatic call up of the wizard can be activated or deactivated. This is done either in the dialogue (see illustration above) or in the Calculate menu - Input wizard.

The Manual call up is done