Reuse of Knowledge

All documents and calculations created with VCmaster can be searched for, called up and reused for future use. VCmaster supports compiling and managing individual libraries of calculation templates. Intelligent search functions seek out recurring calculations or details and guarantee quick retrieval of already thought out and realized tasks.
This secures the continuous transfer and multiple use of valuable know-how. New documents are created in a modular system based on pre-existing templates. VCmaster's automation results in an immense amount of time saved.

Template library

VCmaster contains hundreds of predefined macros. The templates have an inbuilt calculation capacity and offer specific solutions for the design of structural elements in steel, timber, concrete and masonry construction as well as mechanical and plant engineering. All templates can be expanded, combined and adapted to individual requirements. Intelligent databases contain thousands of characteristic values for components, profiles, coefficients and materials. The determination of such calculation parameters is fully automated.

Future-oriented concept

VCmaster's basic principle of compiling complete documentations in a single digital file is becoming increasingly important. Current trends, like working in task forces or employing freelancers, require a safe and easy way of digitally exchanging information. Modern facility management already demands digital structure planning documents. In the near future the concept of electronic building applications will also require digital documents. 

The t2W-interface is capable of merging numerous types of external data into one single document, with the benefit of a consistent appearance. Completing VCmaster's concept of managing and editing complete structural analyses in a single consistent digital document in an almost revolutionary way.