Main Principle

VCmaster offers an intuitive software concept that allows engineers to perform calculations efficiently. Algorithms can be created quickly and easily without any programming knowledge. For retrospective modification of a default value the results as well as all dependent values are automatically recalculated and updated. VCmaster is the go-to tool for quickly and conveniently solving, documenting and utilizing recurring calculations.


VCmaster masters all the mathematical functions of a scientific calculator. Including any number of bracket levels and exponentials. VCmaster automatically interprets superscript characters, rendering special exponential functions unnecessary. Unlike spreadsheet calculations, the presentation of the formulae is shown in precise mathematical form. This significantly increases the readability of calculations especially for testing and reusing digital calculations by a third party.

For many simple problems there are simply no software applications available. VCmaster builds a bridge between electronic and manual calculation. The software independently determines the correlations between formulae and variables, supporting the compilation of algorithms without any prior programming knowledge. With VCmaster templates can be created and used like any other software application. Electronic calculation sheets created by VCmaster are considerably more efficient than handwritten calculations and help to avoid errors.

Linked databases

Looking up technical parameters, material properties or parameters of components from tables is automated, too. If required, the return values can also be interpolated.