Digital structural analysis instead of juggling paper and pencil

VCmaster is tailored to meet the specific needs of engineers. In particular it has been designed to simplify many standard routine procedures for engineers, thereby allowing them to optimize their time and energy to solve more complicated and sophisticated tasks. The input of mathematical formulae happens in natural mathematical notation directly in the program. Several universal interfaces guarantee a smooth data transfer between different applications.

Calculating, writing, compiling and reusing

VCmaster has an intuitive and easy-to-understand concept that allows engineers to perform calculations within the program. Problems with modifications are a thing of the  past. Positions and details can be adjusted automatically, proofs amended by a mouse-click and revised pages indexed subject-specifically. Documents created with VCmaster can be edited endlessly and reused meaning that tried and tested calculations can be adjusted and combined with each other. This saves time and safeguards valuable know-how.

Why VCmaster?