The innovative t2W-technology supports the engineer to open doors to seemingly endless new possibilities in the area of technical documentation. T2W allows for the outputs of various software applications to be compiled into a single document. Comments or calculations can be added to the new documents without any difficulties. This results in a consistent document, complete with page numbering, uniform headers and footers, table of contents, PDF export and much more.

The combination of t2W with VCmaster Hybrid allows for compiling of documents thousands of pages long by outsourcing large parts of the document.

The better way to PDF

With VCmaster the goal of creating a technical document fully digitally, either as VCmaster file or as a PDF is within reach. Unlike traditional software applications VCmaster creates an indirect PDF-file, by installing t2W as a printer driver. Contrary to PDF t2W does not generate a finished document, but directs the printout to the current VCmaster-file instead. This is a huge advantage, if documents need to be compiled from many different sources. This process guarantees a consistent printout.
PDF export is an inbuilt feature of VCmaster.