5.4.1 Exporting the Document

VCmaster exports the data in the following formats: Please note that calculating intelligence is lost with exporting the file. Saving in VCmaster format is mandatory. 
We recommend using PDF format for forwarding calculations to third parties.





The digital exchange of data between companies and partners places challenging demands on data security and portability of PDF files. VCmaster offers high-performance PDF export with optimization and security options: 

The following options are available: Optional PDF/A compatibility can be selected (standardized file format for long-term archiving to ISO standards).


File - Export-PDF

5.4.2 Exporting Program Settings

With VCmaster it is possible to export all program and user settings to another computer. The software generates a configuration file, which can be transferred to a different computer. The user has the option of selecting the settings to be transferred.


Extras - Settings - Export Settings / Import Settings