5.5.1 Default Settings

These shortcuts speed up the input. You can, of course, also use all functions with the mouse.

Help F1
Calculate line ALT+ENTER
Modify calculation line ALT+ENTER
Graphic formula CTRL+F9
Variable list F9
Add calculation lines F12
Indent off/on ALT+POS1
Insert CTRL+V
Copy line CTRL+Z
Cut line CTRL+Y
Insert blank line CTRL+K
Bold on/off CTRL+B
Italics on/off CTRL+I
Underline on/off CTRL+U
Superscript on/off CTRL+D
Subscript on/off CTRL+E
Line as heading CTRL+H
Line bold CTRL+Q
Template Explorer F10
Special characters F2
Navigator F6
Page preview F8
Page break on/off CTRL+ENTER

5.5.2 Custom Key Combination

Predefined menu options can be assigned arbitrary key combinations. Select the required main menu and the command to be edited (see image on the right). The available hotkey is then shown. For a new key combination, place the cursor in the input box and press the respective keys on the keyboard. If the selected key combination is already assigned to another command, you may decide whether the current option is to be changed.

By clicking Add the new key combination is added and displayed in the menu. Unwanted key combinations can be deleted.

Important note: The displayed key combinations are part of the delivery state. When in doubt, VCmaster can always be reset to delivery state.


Extras - Settings- Custom Key Combinations