4.4.1 Hybrid-Technology (optional)

VCmaster Hybrid Technology combines the advantages of an interactive word processing software with the benefits similar to PDF technology.

This clever feature manages sections which don't need to be worked on and thus are completely hidden. The hidden part can be outsourced completely. Besides a noticeable difference in the processing speed the user experiences next to nothing of this clever and complex technology, as is runs fully automated in the background. Large documents can be generated faster and more efficiently, at the same time storage space is significantly reduced to less than 1 percent.

Paperwork thousands of pages long can be compiled quickly and easily, since hardware resources are optimally utilized. Large documents can be loaded, modified and saved in a fraction of the time usually required.

Subsequent conversion

Graphics imported into existing projects can be subsequently converted into hybrid objects and sourced out. Use function Extras – Convert into Hybrid. If no option is selected, all graphics will be converted.

File organization and export

All Hybrid objects are stored in a sub-folder with the same name as the VCmaster document. This is extremely important when sharing information.
To simplify the process, the following options are available:
File – Export – Save Zip file
File – Processing status – Save

Use these options when sharing Hybrid-Objects in order to generate intact data files.

4.4.2 Working with Subdocuments

VCmaster supports the splitting of one document into several files. One document acts as the main document which is linked to one or more sub documents.
Subdocuments help enhance clarity or can be used to distribute the processing of one document onto several employees. For printing or previewing the main document the entire document is compiled. Headers and footers require special attention as the document is not updated while using Quick View.

Note: Using the Hybrid Technology is another option. 


VCmaster offers two basic options:

File name and storage location:

The stored file can be linked in various ways:
Linked file: attachement.hed
Current path: D:D:\Projects\2010\015\

In individual cases it may be practical to set up a separate sub folder for the sub documents.
Linked file: sub documents\attachement.hed
Current path: D:D:\Projects\2010\015\

Please note:


Double click on link

4.4.3 Batch Management

A batch is a list of several files that can be combined to form a single document.

For larger projects, it is practical to split the documentation into a number of individual files. The batch management option allows for combining them into a single document. This is required for generating the table of contents, for example. 

Batch management can be called up via the Extras - Batch Management. Existing batches are inserted at cursor position via Insert Batch

Important note: The batch is usually inserted in an empty file, containing only header and footer with page numbering. Headers and footers of this document must correspond in height with those of the batch files. If not, correct page breaks cannot be guaranteed. 

Edit list: The file list displayed on the left may be extended and edited. With Add the selected file is added at the end. Insert embeds the file prior to the file marked in blue . Delete removes the current file from the list. Upward and Downward change the order of the batch files in the list.

Select: Important: VCmaster's Hybrid Technology outsources memory intensive parts of a document much more efficiently. The batch option is included for compatibility purposes only. Using this option is only practical for distributing a large project thematically to several participants.


Extras-Batch Management