If selecting an image, the displayed context menu appears by clicking the right mouse key. 

The dialog for formatting the image is called up using Size and Location. The image may be scaled or shifted horizontally. 

System diagrams, details or the t2W-transfer often need to be edited or modified. Comments, notes or graphic elements may be added or modified. Deleting areas and rotating the graphic are also available options. 

The user must first select the graphic. The dialog for editing the graphic is started via the Edit item in the context menu or by double-clicking. 

The following functions are available:
Note: When developing this tool the focus was on creating an option for adding information to already existing graphics, not on developing a new CAD program. For creating graphics we still recommend using the available CAD software. Various interfaces allow graphics to be transferred from any external program.

Using t2W all graphics created with all currently available CAD applications can be embedded directly into the VCmaster document. 

Scaling in the case of distortions

For some wide screens, a scaling factor must be specified if the display of the transfer is distorted.
This is usually calculated from:
Px =horizontal screen pixels
Py =vertical screen pixels