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Flexibility with regard to Standards and Guidelines

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All the Facts

Predefined Templates instead of Spreadsheets

A Challenge for Engineers

The introduction of new standards and guidelines is one of the greatest challenges for engineers. Numerous tasks for which the solution seemed a matter of course must be rethought. Not only does existing expertise become worthless, but also numerous programs and self-created spreadsheets, too.

Are Spreadsheets really a suitable Tool for Engineers?

The question arises as to whether engineers should invest their time in spreadsheets that must be adjusted repeatedly and are difficult to maintain. Whilst less complex supporting documentation can be generated quickly and simply, clarity is lost due to hundreds of calculations, hidden formulae and references when the problem is more complex.

Calculation Templates using VCmaster

VCmaster provides engineers with an intuitive concept for efficient calculation. Algorithms can be generated quickly and without programming knowledge. Formulae are represented in a precise mathematical form. This is consistent with the working method of engineers and is easier to apply and maintain than spreadsheets.

Efficiency through Predefined Calculation Templates

When a new standard is introduced such as the Eurocodes in the building sector, often hundreds of predefined supporting documents are available for VCmaster. Calculation templates compliant with the Eurocode were made available in time for the introduction of the standard. The numerous examples effectively supported thousands of engineers during the transition to Eurocode.

During the transition period, the templates, compliant with the Eurocode and including detailed comments, are a valuable tool for a fast and efficient introduction to working with these new standards in construction engineering.

The calculation templates have been designed such that on the one hand they clearly explain the new regulations related to the Eurocode whilst on the other, they can be used throughout in practice.
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