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Documentation – Calculation - Reuse

All the facts
Professional Structural Engineering Reports
Efficient Documentation of Structural Analysis Intelligent Calculation of Formulae and Algorithms
VCmaster creates flexible, reusable and dynamically calculating documents. All structural analysis- and CAD-programs are seamlessly integrated into the concept. Working with VCmaster leads to a significant time saving and safeguards valuable know-how.
Uniform Documents: VCmaster offers engineers a unique and comprehensive concept. Outputs of all structural analysis or CAD programs can be incorporated into VCmaster, guaranteeing an uniform and consistent layout.

Convenient Revisions: Positions and details are exchanged automatically, reports are amended and checked by a click of the mouse. All revised pages are then subject-specifically indexed.

Sustainable Benefit: All digitally compiled VCmaster documents can be easily adjusted, combined or reused at will.
Interactive Design of Structural Elements: VCmaster automates the design of structural elements. Formulae are presented in standard mathematical notation and calculated automatically. Material or section values are determined from stored databases.

Interactive Design Aids: VCmaster includes numerous predefined design aids for structural analysis. Engineers can create their own design calculations and combine them with existing templates to create design briefs.

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