My better Clipboard

Copy&Paste at its best

The clipboard is an essential component of day-to-day work on the PC. Unfortunately, Windows only allows one element to be copied at a time. VCcopy is much more versatile. It has expanded the Windows-Clipboard to up to 30 entries.

VCcopy guarantees more flexibility and a better overview while working. The program accelerates workflow and offers entirely new possibilities for copying data.

VCcopy optimizes workflows and helps reduce
time lost, while searching for data

Short description

Part of the day-to-day office routine is copying data from a variety of sources. The traditional Copy & Paste method proves to be inadequate for a lot of these tasks because the clipboard only allows one entry to be held, the last one. Thus, permanently switching back and forth between applications can hardly be avoided. This procedure is not only inefficient, but also time consuming and prone to error. Loosing track of copied and pasted information can happen just too easily. A more efficient workflow calls for a clipboard that can hold all information required simultaneously.

VCcopy is an improved clipboard that can hold up to 30 entries at the same time, actually keeping these entries ready after rebooting the PC. Offering an excellent possibility for multiple usage of digital information, as regularly required data can be called up even at a later time. Unlike the Windows-Clipboard, VCcopy displays these entries in a preview.

Once started VCcopy runs independently in the background, recording all information saved to the clipboard. VCcopy stores e.g. text segments, images, URLs or manufactures’ information – until it is deleted by the user. At this point, it makes no difference whether an image is stored temporarily or complete text passages are filed for a longer period of time.