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The Help Center provides all important information regarding the use of VCmaster.







Info-Help center

6.3.1 Online Help

VCmaster includes an extensive and well-designed help function.

Unlike the manual the online help can be updated more easily.
Additionally it offers the option of a targeted search for specific topics.

New in Update

All information regarding a new software release can be found here.

Using the Online Help

Handling of the Online Help much correlates with other common help systems and does not need further explanation. The expansive index offers the option of a targeted search for specific topics or issues. The Help will list all chapters with information regarding the used keyword.

6.3.2 Video Tutorials

The Online-Help is complemented by a series of video tutorials.
Every video deals with a specific topic.

As they are the best way to get to know VCmaster,
we recommend watching a few videos before getting started with the software.  The videos cover topics like:

6.3.3 News and Downloads

Our website offers all information regarding updates, upgrades and patches.

Information regarding an update
Information regarding an update can be found either on our website or in the Online Help.
All necessary information is linked to the Online Help in a way that supports a quick and efficient information transfer.


Small modifications to interfaces, new standards or required system adaptations make patches inevitable. VCmaster automatically checks for patches, provided that an internet connection is established.

No personal data is transferred. The system only checks whether the software is authorized for the available patch.


Info-Patches and Newsletters

6.3.4 Support

Customers with an update agreement may contact our support team free of charge at

This also applies to customers with a 60-day trial version.