6.1.1 Installation

Installation starts automatically after inserting the CD. If the CD does not start automatically, please select the CD drive in Windows Explorer and start the „install“ program.
You can transfer your settings from another PC under Extras - Export Settings or Import Settings.

Activating the software
The license code is required to release the full version. The first two letters of the code stand for the version (e.g. V18 for VCmaster 2018). The matching code is required for the respective program version. This is supplied with the shipment of your order or with the update. The code and licensee must be entered correctly. The code is independent of the hardware.

Silent or Batch-Installation

This option is intended for network administrators and requires the appropriate know-how. Silent or batch installation allows the program to be automatically installed on the network without any alerts. The CD contains an example "ExampleSilent.bat".

Option Description
/PRGFILES Target directory for program files
/LIBFILES Target directory for templates
/NAME Name of activation documents
/CODE Activation code of activation documents
/WITHLIB Install templates? Used when installation is on a network, yes/no is generally only required once;
yes/no default: no
/verysilent Do not show installation dialogue box
/LANG Language (German / English)
de/en default: de
/CHCP Codepage for the PC system (e.g. Western Europe)
default: 1252 Western Europe (see www.Wikipedia.org "Codepage")
install /PRGFILES="C:\Programme\VCmaster" /LIBFILES="c:\VCmaster\Lib" /NAME="XXXXXXX / XXXXXXX" /CODE="V14-11111-22222-33333-44444" /WITHLIB=yes /verysilent /LANG=de

6.1.2 Organization on the PC and in the Network

We recommend specifying different directories for the program, the templates and the data. For work groups, templates and data can be stored on network hard drives. 

We favor a central path for the projects (e.g. d:\projects). We create all project folders under this directory. The description can be a project number and the name. In our engineering office all data (including all other programs) are saved using this structure. In addition, we have a central directory for templates and libraries (e.g. d:\lib).

We also store data of all programs here. The VCmaster templates are then located under d:\lib\VCmaster, for example. Please keep this in mind during the installation process as the templates can only be moved by reinstalling them. 

You can, of course, configure your PC as you wish, but the structure mentioned above has advantages for searching and reusing calculations as well as for backing up projects and libraries (the latter are often forgotten).  VCmaster does not include special project administration. The path under which a project was saved last is defined as the default for opening and saving. 

Installation directories

The most important information relating to the program, your PC and the operating system is summarized in the dialog box.
The installation directories are also listed.
The printer directory can be configured. Note: In individual cases due to the Windows security system or individual configurations, it may be necessary for the paths of the PDF and the t2W printers to be configured individually so that the drivers work properly.


Info-Support information

Country settings

Country-specific texts can be created for the fields, the measurement system and the separators to be used. Please note that the separators must be consistent with the operating system settings. Otherwise the formatting of the calculation lines will not perform properly.


Extras-Settings-Country settings

6.1.3 System Recommendations

Note on the monitor:
It is generally true that a large monitor greatly improves the speed of working parallelly with several applications. A smaller monitor is sufficient for using templates. If you want to create structural analyses regularly, it makes sense to display two A4 pages or VCmaster and a structural analysis program in parallel. This is possible starting with a monitor size of 24" upwards. Alternatively, two monitors from 20" upwards can be used. At today's hardware prices, the purchase pays off quickly as it makes the work considerably more efficient. 

Notes on the memory and processor:
Generally speaking the processable size of a document increases with the performance of the hardware used. We would like to point out that VCmaster documents, and thus memory requirements, can be quite large. In particular, memory-intensive graphics, increase the resource requirement in areas that correspond to those of FEM or CAD software. By splitting them up into sub-documents, however, large structural analyses can also be produced on less powerful PCs. Documentation comprising of PDF files of up to 1,000 pages can be produced.

6.1.4 License Server

Administrator Tool
In combination with an Enterprise License users have the option of managing the purchased licenses via an internal license server. In order to do this a VCmaster license server is installed on a Windows server.

Note: In the cases where this server is not installed, licenses are automatically managed via our server (Port 80).

The installation file can be found on the CD (InstallServer.exe). The IP-address is shown by the license server right after starting the application. The license server is activated by the feature License entry. This requires a one-time internet connection. Activation happens via the provided license key. After entering the license key all purchased modules are shown (if applicable). Confirming the dialogue activates the management of licenses via the internal server. The internal server has to be permanently available in order for the licenses (clients) to register properly. The port may be set to a desired value and has to be enabled. Log files are available for recording log-ins and log-offs. The administrator can thus check when and to what extent licenses are used.

Client Log-in
Licenses (clients) can be either logged-in at the license server temporarily (floating) or permanently (locked).

The dialogue lists all registered licenses including IP-addresses and names. A license that is locked permanently for a certain client may use VCmaster for a specified period of time without access to the license server. To do this the client selects the option Locked-License (see image). A specific period of time for reservation is set in the menu. This license is then no longer available as a floating-license for use by other clients. The locking may be reversed at any time internet access is available by selecting Floating license in the dialogue (see image on the right). Once the specified period of time for locking has expired, the license is then automatically managed by the license server as a floating license.